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Emergency Number

We offer advanced diagnostics and imaging

Nurse Clinics

Many procedures, such as: post-op checks; suture removal; nail clipping and dental checks can be performed by qualified veterinary nurses. Appointments with the nurses are available at the hospital Monday to Saturday.

The Broadleys nurses are also available to monitor and advise on the additional needs of certain pets, through their special clinics:

  • Puppies & Kittens
  • Senior Pets
  • Dental Care
  • Weight Control

The registered veterinary nurses at Broadleys also provide round-the-clock patient care and are qualified to monitor anaesthetics, assist in operations, take x-rays, and carry out dental scale and polishing and other minor procedures.

Other Nurse Clinics 

Here at Broadlyes we think taking care of your pets when they are healthy is just as important as taking care of them when they are sick. We have started nurse led clinics hoping to help with some of the everyday problems we hear from our clients.

One of our senior nurses, Sarah Hamilton, is now a dedicated consult nurse on hand to help with these problems 9am- 6pm Monday to Thursday. We will keep you updated as new clinics will be introduced over the coming months.

Oral Hygiene Clinic

15 min appointment – £15.00

This appointment is all about preventative care. Sarah will check the inside of your pets mouth, looking at the gums, tongue, and teeth and be able to advise you regarding brushing your pets teeth and help you find a oral hygiene regime to follow at home that suits you and your pet.

Weight Clinic (affectionately known as the Chub Club)

Initial appointment and 6 follow up appointments – £55.00

If you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight for your pet Sarah can help you formulate an individual feeding and exercise plan with regular appointments to make sure that your pet is on track. For the initial appointment we recommend that you bring as many of the family as possible so the whole household is on board with helping your pet to become slimmer and healthier. We will also ask that you either bring a bag of the food you currently use or take a photograph of the ingredient list and feeding chart.

To book a nurse clinic appointment please call 01786 445 665.