Over the past few years the work of administering pet insurance claims has increased substantially and we now employ four qualified advisors:  three at the hospital and one at Dunblane.  Claims are often complex, especially where patients have concurrent conditions.  The challenge is to make sure claims are completed accurately and quickly so that clients can be reimbursed as soon as possible.


Moira 2Moira
Pet Insurance Advisor

Moira began work as a veterinary assistant in 1993 and enrolled as a trainee vet nurse at Broadleys when the hospital opened in 1995.  In 2001, while helping out at reception, she identified a need for a separate pet insurance position and qualified for this.  After a maternity break she returned to a part-time, more flexible insurance role on the now well-established insurance team.

Outside work Moira has her hands full caring for her young daughter but has found time to qualify as a fitness instructor.  She enjoys both teaching and participating in a variety of exercise classes.